Sequoia's Police and Security Software Enhances Safety

SMT completed the design and first installations of a new system designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of police field personnel.  This new system has been installed in it's trial phase at the headquarters of two large European police forces, and is being used to allow officers to request vehicle information by speaking the request into the officer's radio.

The SMT software works by combining the use of speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies with an innovative interface to a national police database.  It also connects with a real time satellite positioning system, which validates all radio requests with the current exact geographic location of the officer.

Before the introduction of such a system, police officers were required to either type on computer consoles to access vehicle information, or call a control room and speak with an operator.  The Sequoia software can interpret and prioritize complex vehicle information, allowing quick decisions to be made by the officer.


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