3,000,000 Baseball and Concert Tickets Sold Using Sequoia Mobile Automated System

Often the "glue" that connects systems together is as important as the interface to the outside world.  SMT was retained by New England Express Ticketing (NEXT) to design and build a very large interactive voice ticketing system supplying concert tickets for most major music venues in New England, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Red Sox baseball team.  The project was entirely managed by Sequoia, was completed on time, and  has resulted in the sale of several million tickets.

The SMT ticketing system included a sophisticated interface to the ArtSoft seat and ticket allocation system, and allowed callers to select their desired seating area and negotiate the complexities of multiple event sales.  SMT helped NEXT to size the system properly (700 lines), negotiated the purchase contracts with the major suppliers, helped hire the support staff, and wrote and managed all of the interactive voice software.

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